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Ring Light



Ring Light for Creative Photography Enthusiasts

  • Color Temperature: 3000K-6000K
  • Brightness Levels: 11
  • Total Power: 8W
  • Power Source: USB Cable Powered
  • 1x Ring Light
  • 1x Tripod stand
  • 1x Pole Mount Phone Holder
  • 1x Bluetooth Remote Control
  • 1x Tripod Mount Phone Holder
  • 1x User manual

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Ring lights are used to create flattering light, as well as beautiful, circular catchlights, mostly used for portraits by photographers, vloggers, and YouTubers in the make-up and beauty niche.

The importance of having good lighting when taking pictures or recording videos cannot be overemphasized. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a professional at photography or videography. Everyone loves a picture or video that comes out so beautiful with all the aesthetics, but this can’t be achieved without beautiful lighting and that is what a good ring light offers you.


  • Focusing on the details: The structural design of the led ring structure aid in focusing on the details of the video or the picture that are very essential in bringing out its beauty. This makes it possible to even take macro photographs while still maintaining the high quality of the photos.

Color effects: led ring lights allow for the changing of the bulbs hence creating multiple color effects as desired by the videographer or photographer.

  • Cost

The price of the led ring light for your camera or a led light for your phone is one of the foremost and primary factors that should be considered. As much as you may want to choose the best of all the led ring light of which most are expensive, am sure you don’t want to get worried about emptying your wallet completely. There are several affordable led ring light that you can purchase depending on the size of your pocket.

  • Type of use

Led ring lights are designed differently depending on where it will be used. Planning on talking great selfies? There are led ring selfie lights that are specifically designed to be used in talking your selfies to the next level. It is recommended that you purchase led ring light that can fit in your camera or tablet or phone depending on which one you would prefer to use your led ring light.

  • Compatibility

How compatible is the led ring light that you want to buy? Before you decide on buying any kind of led ring light you should consider checking if the led ring is compatible with your phone. Although most of the led ring lights are compatible with almost all smartphone and DSLR camera there are some which can only be used with certain devices and hence it would a waste of resources to buy something that you will not use.

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